With the crime increasing at a rampant way, citizen should feel safe while travelling through public transport such as buses and railways. Crime against women has increased with the time. In a large country such as India, It is nearly impossible to deploy security personnel on every stop or on the rail coaches all the time due to cost and lack of manpower etc. The road rage and flaunting traffic rules and laws have become fashion. People do not have respect for a small but a significant law called traffic light jump. Therefore, it is important to build a layer of security network to curb the crime and enforce the law abiding processes with the help of technological advancement of Videos. “Prevention is a better cure than reaction”. Keeping in mind the above challenges, Naesys has developed several models that not only will not create a forensic evidences against the crime and criminals but certainly create awareness among the people who are potential threat to conduct a crime or breaking a law.

Our network and systems integration division alongwith our partners have developed custom build solutions to solve these problematic challenges. Solutions such as Mobile security devices including CCTV cameras work on 2G/3G/4G networks to transfer videos to CMS (centrally monitored stations) on a real time basis. Mobile devices located on a bus or rail has multiple options to send out the alarms via SMS or emails or centrally located hooter alarm in case of any unwanted situation.

Our Integrated traffic management system (ITSM) coupled with automated number plate reader (ANPR) cameras have the ability to capture the videos and recognize the number plate of the vehicle to establish the evidence for any flaunt of traffic rules.

The videos are captured and transmitted to centrally located monitoring stations on a real time basis where the security officials can take charge, action and take control of situation.