There is no doubt that
security is the trump over
All our other priorities.

Security Surveillance

Upon realizing the intent of Governments in various countries to secure their citizens and valuable assets, Naesys incepted its security and surveillance practice from a core value proposition side. Since then we have acquired valuable knowledge, Learnings and insight into various security and protection aspects. This learning has helped us identify innovative and practical solutions to solve business problems for our various government and corporate clients.

Naesys’s security and surveillance practice draws its expertise from domain specialists in the business. We employ consultants, retired senior government officers and panel of experts who have spent years on understanding and provisioning of security and surveillance solution. Naesys has made significant investments in acquiring the expertise in last couple of years to develop various frameworks and technology tools to offer the following benefits to its customers. Some of our focused solutions are:

Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Security

The prime concern of enterprise and government to is to secure their offices, factories and establishment perimeter with intelligent intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized and forged entry into a sensitive or high-security area. Our intelligent perimeter intrusion solution helps detecting suspicious activity at defense establishments or public places such as Airports and government buildings. The Unlawful and forged entry into these locations can be devastated. Our intrusion detection and perimeter security solutions help our customers prevent and proactively identify threats before they become active.

Video Analytics, Recording, Transmission and Storage

The video recording and video analytics solution from our esteemed partners are designed to work effectively in case of any intrusion and help prevent crime. The incident is detected faster and transmitted to authorities for their preventive action. Videos capturing incidents and accidents help authorities forensically to solve crime and establish the accountability. Combined with video analytics features such as face recognition and behavioral pattern analysis, videos transmitted over network bring a lot of proactive approach to authorities to prevent mis-happening.

Remote & Central Monitoring Stations

The remote surveillance product line from our partner solution is a leading platform with a proven track record of proactive technology. The results are impeccable in loss prevention and cost reduction for many of our customers. The suite of multi-site security solutions provides an end-to-end remote surveillance solution for centrally location customer premise looking to enhance existing services or add a completely new set of services to generate additional RMR.

Access Control

Our access control solutions are designed to work with or without Power. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology facilitates the power supply and network traffic over single CAT6 cable. PoE door locks, card readers and biometric sensors work on existing IP network infrastructure for simplified “ready to use” deployment at a low TCO.

Industry focus and custom designed solutions

  • City Surveillance System
  • Integrated Traffic Management System
  • Central or Remote Monitoring System
  • Smart City Solution
  • Transport Security & Safety
  • Airport & Railways Security
  • Border Security Solution