May be we are not perfect, but we are always there to fix
when something goes wrong.

Company Overview

Our main business is to develop innovative solutions as per customer's need. We work along with our partners to optimize the solution for our customers that are best fit for their requirements. Naesys Dimensions Solution Private Limited (Naesys) has come a long way in terms of showing maturity to implement solutions that are aimed at solving the complex & mission critical problems. From a large and complex multi-location Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Document Management System (DMS) implementation to a Security & Surveillance solution specifically designed for city surveillance, traffic management and transport industry, we have served customers from diverse business background. Naesys has shown a high level of technical ability to securing the extremely confidential and critical data of our government, defense, BFSI customers from direct attacks or a zero day attack. We have perfected our solutions to cater to our customer’s mission critical problems with the optimum ROI with less complexity.

We have the profound expertise in providing the consulting, design, development and support services to our customers. Dealing in the chosen industries such as public sector, defense, education, transport, telecom, BFSI and health, we have developed our knowledge and practices efficiently and have further perfected them after dealing with multiple customers’ engagement from varied domain areas.

Naesys believes in the motto of 'Growing along with Customers, not with the markets'. We have multiple distinctive focus areas within the organization – enterprise application, systems integration, digital security, security & surveillance; video conferencing based tele-presence solution and embedded design services. Each one of our offerings mentioned above is backed up by highly sophisticated reporting and business intelligence solutions. Our BI practice has shown a credible way to get to the bottom of every problem and decision making faced by our customers. We have acquired DGS&D and other state nodal agencies rate contracts for various products and services.

Naesys is growing. With our existing presence in Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh, we have an expansion plan ready to add new locations in India such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mumbai and soon we will be opening our first international operations in the USA.


Naesys believes in relationship and create value in all our relationships. Be it our Customers, Employees, Partners or Investors, we value them as part of our DNA. Naesys measures its success in terms of the value provided to its customers. We at Naesys encourage a culture of teamwork and collaboration. We partnered with world renowned organizations based on a principal of creating value to all our stakeholders.