Naesys Group is made up of four powerful constituting companies, each having a unique core purpose but, one major common agenda of delivering innovative solutions to its customers.

Naesys Dimensions Solution Private Limited

Working with our partners to serve our government and other clients, Naesys Dimensions deals with products which implement and ensure efficient system integration. Major focus is over areas such as - ERP, Digital Security, Security and Surveillance, Video Conferencing Solutions, Business Intelligence.

Naesys Secure Solution Private Limited

Naesys Secure Solution Private Limited handles all the solutions specifically developed for security and surveillance for the purpose of securing government establishments, offices, areas and other related fields and communities. Solutions developed involve Access control products, Central Monitoring System solutions, NFC, RFID solutions for tight security at border areas, airports, railway stations and many more.

Naesys Enterprises Private Limited

Naesys Enterprise works closely to bring non-IT industrial ideas and solutions of beneficial importance into limelight, and aligns it with the most suitable government policy present. Naesys Enterprise collaborates and works along with the manufacturers to bring out a unique end-result.

N-Stud Solution Private Limited

A solution aimed at bringing revolution in the education sector, N-Stud will introduce an Eco-system which will bring the major stakeholders (parents, students, school administration) of an education system together, to provide them with innovative services through technological help like RFID, GSM, GPS, NFC etc.