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Human Resource Management System

Naesys Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a software application that empowers the human resources (HR) department to do their work efficiently. It combines many human resource functions, including Recruiting & Training, Benefits Administration, Pay Bill, Performance Review (APAR), Leave Management, Promotions, Deputation, Disciplinary Actions & Service book etc into one single package, which is easy to use and customizable.

Need of HRMS in Government Organization

Our HRMS is designed to address challenges that Government organizations face in—Recruitment & Talent management (Recruiting—right people, Attractive job ads, Roster Management (Reservation based job system), Shift toward temporary staffing, Mismatch between skills of people looking for work and job that need filling), Payroll Management & Processing, Promotion, Leave management & Deputation. It eradicates errors, inefficiencies, and miscommunications that happen when all such tasks are processed manually. It saves time and brings greater efficiencies while executing various HR processes within the organization. The power of Naesys HRMS starts with centralized HR database- for better data preservation and data security with a single point of location where every information of all past and present employees are stored in the form of e-Service book.

Naesys HRMS – At a Glance