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Enterprise Application

Learning a lot each day, our knowledge base has many industry specific functional solutions that are focused on solving the mission critical problems of our customers. Our custom designed solutions are created not only to solve the business difficulties of our various clients but also bring efficiencies within the organisation with the optimum ROI that we offer them in terms of our EA deployment.

Primarily our EA practice focuses on three different areas of business.

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Back office operations
  • Line of Business Applications

Our EA division work along with our partners to optimize the solution for our customers that are best fit for their requirements. From a large and complex multi-location ERP implementation to a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to a telecom billing solution, we have specifically designed solutions to cater to our customer’s need.

Our BPM practice helps customers save time, money and enhance efficiencies to their core business processes. While saving the cost and decrease time to market factor, which eventually gives competitive edge over competition, our BPM practice (solution & services) bring agile environment to use and reuse various processes without getting into the code level. The processes can be redesigned by using the BPM tool for defining the data structure, workflow, rules and to even create user interface by using e-forms engine.

Our EA practice has developed custom designed solution for specific industries requirements. Starting from government & public sector to education and health, our EA solutions have produced excellent results in terms of shortening time-to-market, lowering the total cost of ownership and showing faster ROI.

Some of our EA solutions are: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Business Process Management (BPM), Integrated Workflow System, e-Forms, e-Services, e-Municipality, School/College Information Management System, Hospital Information Management System