The mission of our education sector practice is to create an eco system to bring all the stakeholders of education systems to a common platform. The teachers, lecturers or professors, administrators, parents and students are interlinked in many ways. There is a constant dataflow between these stakeholders. If analyzed professionally with the help of high tech information technology platform, it can transform into a knowledge ware. Our simple job is to create this pool of knowledge ware for better results accomplishments. Be it academics, discipline, commercials or even security, our integrated education management platform automates all the processes of an institution.

Establishing accountability of each of the actions that have been done by stakeholders has a very positive impact on the quality of service. We ensure that our platform produces optimal results to run the institute in more professional way. Tracking performance of student and bringing transparency between the institutes and parents is a key thing. We have done it all many a times.

Tracking school children and enforcing discipline is a difficult task now a days, our out of the box solution handles the same by using a host of multiple technologies such as RFID/GPS/NFC.

Our network and systems integration division alongwith our partners have developed custom build solutions to solve these problematic challenges. Video based analytics application couple with CCTV cameras and network systems are deployed to curb the problem of class bunking etc. Forensic evidences are collected on a real time basis for preventing issues such as ragging and agitation etc.

Either running on cloud model or a on-premise implementation, we have both the solutions available to you.