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Paper and postal-based documents delivery takes a considerable time with manual work between office or agency.It decreases the opportunity to pursuit chronicles of paper records. Long-term conservation of critical paper reports concern with damage or loss and the applicable cost for file, for example, building, human resources, and support is also increasing continuously.

Most often heard statement within government circles is that the conventional ERPs are overkill for government purpose. Retrofitting conventional ERP into Government domain is fraught with massive customization and associated delays and risk of failure.

Our e-Office analyzes process, meta-data, information system. e-Office system supports full life-cycle of a document from creation to disposal.

below are the features of our e-Office solution:

Capture Scanning, OCR, Indexing, Barcode, Imaging
Upload File
Create File online
Document Life-cycle

New File, Check-in, Check-out, Publish

Archive, Back-up
Version control
Access control Read, Write, Update, Full-control
User, Group, Role and Meta-data based access
Repository, Folder and Document Level access control
Meta-data Management Meta-data Form builder, Any type of data-type
Link meta-data to external Databases and applications
Indexing Manual Indexing using Meta-data fields
Automatic document content indexing
Automatic indexing using OCR fields
Search Free-text search in document content
Meta-data search
Document viewer Multi-format viewer
Annotation capabilities
Document comparison
Digital Rights Management Permit/Disable Print, Save, Cut-Copy-Paste
Password protect, Watermark, Header/Footer, Banner
Set view expiry date
Store User-defined hierarchy
Multiple Repositories
Meta-data storage
Collaboration Add / View Comments
Annotations and Markup
Distribution and Subscription
Work-flow Work-flow designer
e-Form builder
Wizard driven Report Builder
Built-in alerts and escalation
Ability to set business rules
Integrate with external databases and applications
Reports Process based, Document based, Status based
Graphs and Charts
Portal News
Information sharing
Administration Audit logs (view, update, download, print)
User management
Portal management 
  • Automatic Audit logs
  • Granular Security based on Access Rights
  • Digital Signature Support
  • Record Management support
  • In-built Content Management features

There are 3 major benefits that can be achieved through e-Office implementation:

  • Document Management Process Revision
  • Through revising current manual paper-based process, it could be a best practice of e-Office system implementation and raise efficiency of the government business

  • e-Office system Implementation
  • e-Office system manages document full life-cycle and raise document management efficiency. It shows the best practice to informational projects proceeding in agency

  • Existing Paper Documents Digitization
  • Through digitizing existing paper documents defined the scope and level of digitization, it improves convenience of document management and more efficient application