CSR Policy (Naesys Dimensions Solution Pvt. Ltd.)

CSR Policy

This policy outlines our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. Our aim is to achieve responsible growth and we will inspire to bring this to life by encouraging people to take small everyday actions that will add up to make a big difference thereby enhancing the livelihoods of people. We are committed to operate and grow business in a socially responsible way. Our vision is to grow our business and increasing our positive social impact.

Naesys Dimensions Solution CSR Policy is supported by the following principles:

  1. To pursue CSR Programmes primarily in areas that fall within the economic vicinity of the Company's operations to enable close supervision and ensure maximum development impact.
  2. We collaborate and engage with different stakeholders including Governments, NGOs, IGOs, Suppliers, Distributors to tackle the challenges faced by the society, disadvantaged sections of society.
  3. We demonstrates care for the community through focus on education & skill development, health & wellness and environmental sustainability. Naesys also seeks to extend support in instances of natural disasters.


CSR programs shall be implemented through the Company’s dedicated teams including employees who are part of CSR projects, through associate volunteering/initiatives. We may work with NGOs, Trusts, government bodies, educational institutions, other corporates & industry associations and other suitable implementing organizations as implementing partners for its CSR programs. The Company may take up other CSR activities as may be appropriate.


CSR implementation shall be periodically reviewed and monitored by the duly constituted CSR Committee as per the requirements.
(a) indicating the activities to be undertaken by the company,
(b) recommending the expenditure to be incurred on the CSR activities,
(c) disclosing the content of the policy, including projects undertaken, and in the company’s website,
(d) monitoring the implementation of the activities included in the CSR policy and
(e) monitoring the spends on CSR activities by the Company in each financial year.

Other Locations

For other locations, the implementation procedure will be aligned to local requirements and compliances if any.

The company has been running community development and social welfare programme since few years and the recent visit during Diwali Oct 2016 to Elders Home Society (Rohini) to spend time /donate/to touch lives of our senior citizens was an overwhelming experience. We act as catalytic enabler so that we become more responsible citizens and participate in improving the quality of life through our CSR initiatives.