Banking and Finance


Banking and finance industry is undergoing rapid changes faster than any other industry. Due to these rapid changes and competition, financial institutions seeks innovative solutions as their competitive advantage and that is the reason they depend on their IT partners who will not only build the solutions, but will make a clear differentiation, understand their business challenges and will take accountability for their IT solutions or products. This industry is all about customer services and satisfaction.

Since the banking applications are exposed to general public (mostly customers), these systems are prone to direct attack onto their systems. With the competitive environment and demand for quick service disposals, financial institutions have no choice but to render their services through Internet. Now, with the challenges of direct attacks (Zero Day Attacks), FI’s need a robust security strategy which can prevent them not only from the “Known Bad” attacks but also prevent the systems from “Zero Day Attack”

Naesys offers the BFSI industry specialist and technology experts who have profound knowledge of the industry changes & challenges understand regulatory guidelines and build the client focused solutions not only to solve present business problems but the challenges that are going to be crop up in future . We also help the institutions in flawless migration from their legacy applications to innovative solutions.

Naesys along with its partner (specialized in security) provides innovative solutions that not only secure the institutions but also their clients from any kind of fraud. Along with our security products partners, we can provide multi-factor authentications solutions to protect your customers accessing their data either through your website using web or mobile browsers or mobile application. We have complete set of security solution suites covering Fraud Prevention, Identity & Access Management, Security Risk Management and Operational Risk Management.